About Cloud Borat

Cloud Borat is the Chief Cloud Officer of C-Cloud , a fictitious Cloud startup. C-cloud was inspired by Cloud.com and IBM’s practice of putting e- before every product in the 90s. We use c- to denote our serious commitment to Cloud.

Is Cloud Borat real?

No – its a fictitious character created to get back at a group of people that prevented me from getting membership in a highly secretive cult called Clouderati.

This is actually not true, but some folks do think I am after them, so I made this up 🙂 

Oh, No, why did they do that?

I refused to drink Coors Light as the initiation ceremony required. I only drink good quality craft beer and this has upset some of the long standing members of this cult.

Again, I have no clue if there is even an initiation ceremony and if there is, what the requirements are. 

Coors Light, Really?

Yeah – I know man.

Why do you keep doing these surveys?

It is to enhance human’s understanding of Cloud Computing – I wanted to cut through the marketing fodder and get to the absolute truth. I would like to use this information to further the progress of Cloud computing.

LOL, you believed that shit – didn’t you? No dude, surveys are easy to do and it seems to be fun – I will keep doing it till I get bored.  I wish real project owners did more surveys and user interviews instead of making assumptions and producing asinine products. Thats another story.

We think you have a commercial agenda. Is it true?

Yeah – I hope this helps me win the Nobel prize for Cloud Computing – wait, that category does not exist – its an absolute travesty. But, yes, I hope to win some awards, do keynotes and shit and eventually get hired as a CTO of a large technology company – you know, a job where all you do is travel around the world and telling world about how great you are.

We think you are X. Can you confirm or deny it?

Whatever makes you happy man, whatever makes you happy.

Will you help promote our product?

Yes, absolutely – tell me why your product is awesome and avoid marketing jargon and I will mention it in a tweet – happy to help startups get their products off the ground where possible. Do keep in mind though that I only have limited number of followers, so my tweet may not help you much. 



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