Periodic Rating of Cloud Vendors

Below is a highly subjective, opinionated rating of the Cloud vendors as of end of April.  I will try to do it may be every 3 months or so.

Feel free to disagree/comment/argue why the rating is wrong. Did I miss any other prominent vendors? I did not include PAAS vendors, because I don’t know what it is.

Happy Friday!!


Vendor Rating Why?
AWS A- Doing well, but nothing ground breaking or interesting in last few months. May no longer be the darling of the public cloud.
Google A+ Shook up public cloud market with price cuts and innovation.
VMW C- Asleep at the wheels – clinging to past
Verizon B- Can we still hear them?
CenturyLink B+/A- Tier 3 acquisition + price cuts.
RHAT B Much ado about nothing still – seems to be struggling on execution front and trying to fight a losing perception battle. – will revise if InkTank story evolves.
MSFT A For continued momentum – but, it’s time for them to reset the rules of the game.
RAX C- All indications are they are done.

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