Cloud Computing is not for us.

I had heard all the following statements in recent weeks/months.
“we tried cloud – it didn’t work too well for us”

“We had a policy of cloud-first, but licensing costs were bit too much”
“While we wanted to cloud, our software vendor wanted to charge per CPU and we figured it will be too expensive to buy for all virtual CPUs”
The bad guys have won – the marketers have muddied up the water. They have succeeded in re-branding their existing on-prem crap as “Cloud” – this is bad not just for the industry, but for customers too.
In each of the instances I had heard, they were trying to do virtualization and were under the false belief that they are doing Cloud. The perception that Cloud is not right for many organizations is spreading like wildfire, especially in mid sized IT organizations. If this perception continues for long, we as an industry will be taking several steps back. 
Why is this bad? Its bad because the mid-size companies will stick with their on-prem software, while their larger competitors leverage advantages of using public cloud and beat the shit out of these mid-sized companies. This is not just bad for the mid-sized companies, its also bad for competitive markets.  
What can you do? Simple thing really. Anytime someone refers to virtualization as “Cloud Computing”, smack them hard and explain to them that its not the same. Next time someone talks about Private Cloud, call their BS publicly. Tell your friends in IT not to believe on-prem software vendor’s marketing BS on Cloud. There is no such thing as on-prem Cloud or private cloud.
Thats all folks for today – gotta run, almost PBR time. 

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