I love Private Cloud

I had a revelation – a revelation that was so powerful, it had changed my opinions overnight. I realized I love private cloud and there are several reasons for it. I have outlined them below:

  1. It is powerful showing your infrastructure to prospects and customers

We grow up taking our potential and current customers around our data center and showing them the infrastructure on which we run our operations. In anticipation of these visits, we often decorated the data centers, asked sys admins to dress up nicely and even gave them coffee. Public cloud makes all of this disappear. So, what are we going to do when customers show up? Show them our Macbook Air and iPads? That’s not that impressive guys compared to massive Iron we could be showing. Public Cloud makes selling software harder.

  1. It was a place to get away from it all

When things get boring, or working late, we often found Data Center floor to be perfect place to take a nap. This was a benefit that those folks in IT had. Public Cloud threatens to take this away from us. What, can’t we not even have a place to sleep for a bit with the white noise coming from the servers? If this does not bother you guys, you need to examine your belief systems.

  1. It was the basement

Private Cloud forces us to have a basement. I am not talking about some lame colo. I am talking about a full basement with large screen TVs and servers humming and disks spinning in the basement. It was kind of Man Cave for us.  It was the basement we couldn’t afford to build at our houses. We were even allowed to take a 6 pack there and it was tacitly accepted as a normal thing. Public cloud takes this away.

In addition to this, we were dealing in seven figures and we had status. The hardware salesmen took us to nice dinners. Imagine what would happen to the nice steakhouse across the street from the office if we stop buying multi-million dollar hardware?. Imagine the impact to local economy. Do we want to shift all our spending to some remote location in Virginia, Portland or Ireland?. I say No.

How wrong I have been to push public cloud guys. Private Cloud is the last link to our past and I say we fight hard to preserve it.

Happy April Fools Day.


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