This I believe

Random thoughts on the business of software development.

If you disagree or have something to add,  comment below.


1. If you cannot stop interrupting developers for every customer request, you must get out of product development business.
2. Product Manager owns the product decisions, if this is not true in your company, fire them and hire a project manager.
3. Executive team is not representation of end users – you must resist the urge to think you are smarter than your users.
4. Process or methodology is less important than your team. If your team members need to drop kids at school in the morning, its ok to have your scrum call in the afternoon.  Just because some “expert” says stand-up meeting every morning does not mean you make it a hard rule.

Prod Mgmt & UX

5. Assume you are an idiot when it comes to design – do extensive user testing. Observe users and do not lead them into your way of thinking.
6. Every metric is a vanity metric, unless proven otherwise – A vanity metric is useless by definition.
7. Getting exact product pricing  for enterprise products is not as critical as you think.  Get the pricing model right, that is the harder part.
8. Role of product manager is not about keeping all stakeholders happy – often, your stakeholders are the worst enemy your product has.  Manage stakeholders, but focus on end users and economic buyers. Don’t be a suck-up yes man.


9. Engineer’s job is not just writing code – you are also paid to think – ask  how a product feature will be used and why
10.  Today’s resume building skill will be a worthless  in few months – what is  important is you write your best code each day. If writing great code does not inspire you, move into marketing, you can be a rockstar there.


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