PAAS is not dead, but its not thriving yet

We at c-cloud social media department conducted a 3 question survey on the state of PAAS. Below are the results and my short summary.

Total Responses: 57 ( exclusively via twitter )

1. Do you currently use PAAS?


2. Is PAAS Dead?


So, a simple majority thought PAAS is not dead. Even if we account for vendor responses, we can say there is no overwhelming sentiment that PAAS is dead. It is an argument of the “experts” more than anything else at this time.

3. What is your opinion about future of PAAS?

Here responses were interesting.

First the sample PAAS positive responses:

It is the future of software development as one can run on premises or cloud – private, public, or hybrid.

the only way most enterprises will consume cloud this decade

SaaS for Developers

It has one


Useful if it means I have a common platform that my devs can write to while ops decides where the app actually runs – my infrastructure or AWS.

Its better than SaaS


Force (salesforce 1) alone already has a lot of apps created and used by companies. Hard to see it dying



Early but promising

Not sure why the haters are trying to derail it. There is a future

Here are the  sample PAAS negative responses:

About 5 years off from major adoption.

who needs paas when you can have saas

Effective IT Self Service that connects to CM tools largely replicates the PaaS capabilities, but without adding any additional complexity

consolidation with IaaS which then leads to reusable policy based docker like building blocks


Too inflexible for diverse worlds

Unlikely to be a meaningful distinction going forward

it is dead

Kill it


No future.

Squashed between SaaS and IaaS.

No one will use the term—it will be standard offering(s) from IaaS providers.

predict huge adoption among corporations full of idiots

In Summary

PAAS still has a decent shot of becoming relevant, but enough doubt exists among people. This is not unique and most (eventually) successful technologies do undergo a period of doubt and I suspect PAAS is in that phase now. Vendors can move it forward by better documenting the early wins and publicly sharing customer stories as called out by this blogger.

We hope you find this survey from c-cloud social media department helpful.  Write your opinions below.


3 thoughts on “PAAS is not dead, but its not thriving yet

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