F the platform

Say “Platform” again! Say! “Platform”! again! I dare you! I double-dare you, mofo! Say “platform” one more goddamn time!

“A platform must have APIs first and foremost”

“A platform must be open”

“A platform must be delivered as a service”

“A platform is not a platform unless it has a beautiful login page”

“A platform should be integrated well with a developers IDE”

“A platform is what builds companies – product companies rarely thrive”

“Platform is the computer”

“A Platform is the glue between unknown and the known”

“A Platform must be portable and must include support for containers”

“A platform starts with community “

“A platform must support BigData”

“A platform is the building block of IoT”

“A platform must follow mobile first methodology”

“Platform is the way to build a cloud company”

Ah, F it guys. Seriously.

You are confusing the matters. There is no such thing as “the” platform that’s going to deliver nirvana for the companies that pursue them.  The world does not need one platform from every software company in the world. In your misguided greed to dominate the world through your “platform” you are building shitty products that do not even solve the basic problems that you customers buy your products for. I  see a future where your company ceases to exist if you go down this route.

So, my one piece of advice: Platform is not for majority of you, unless you already have many happy customers and developers coding against your APIs, don’t be fricking kidding yourself  that you are building a platform.

Do one thing well, do it really well first, then think about evolution of your product into a platform. If an expert says you must first think about platform, follow them after work to see what they drink at the bar – I bet they are drinking Coors Light and thinking its effing great  – do you want to listen to people like that? Seriously?


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