2014 Predictions that are Guaranteed to be True.

We at c-cloud social media department are happy to issue v1.0 of the famous “2014 Predictions” – we stand behind them. If any of them do not come true, we shall be renamed from c-cloud to cloud-cloud. This is a public challenge our department is issuing.  These predictions are based on painstaking research and careful review by an independent third party ( our friendly bartender ) for accuracy.  Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the top 10 predictions:


  1. There will be a minimum of 3 separate instances where OpenStack AWS Interop will be discussed on twitter
  2. There will be at least 2 public fights between CF and OpenShift
  3. IBM will talk about how it is dominating the Cloud computing – not one person outside Raleigh would believe it.
  4. VMware will have a conference for its partners – many of us will scratch our heads again after that conference
  5. RAX viability will again be questioned by people who can’t even read their grocery bill and understand it
  6. Oracle will again highlight the laziness of its salesforce
  7. HP will announce that they are the leading provider of Cloud with known issues.
  8. There will be people tweeting ‘Coffee’ every month in 2014
  9. Atleast 10 people will salivate over how NetFlix is using AWS
  10. Box will raise money again

Signed,  The Futurists of the C-Cloud Social Media Department.


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