Five questions for GCE team

So, we at the c-cloud social media department have some questions for the newly GA Google Cloud (GCE ).

  1. To what extent will you keep infrastructure independent of your Google+ push?
  2. To what extent will you insert your Ads into our app stream when executing on GCE?
  3. Can you guarantee that you will not exit this business in next 5 years?
  4. Would you be mining our customer transactions to gain advertising insights?
  5. Would you be providing batch updates of our customer data to NSA? What measures are you taking to protect our and our customer data?

ps: In case you didn’t know. This is a parody account :). ( Lest, someone uses these in a real presentation ).


UPDATE: Not sure why commenting is not allowed on this post, but someone from GCE team replied on twitter 

5 Answers: 1. Independent. 2. none 3. yes 4. no 5. no see