OpenStack and Future

I know I really should catch some sleep after that GreenDay concert, but there is so much chatter going on regarding OpenStack, had to get some of my quick thoughts in. This will be quick. 

OpenStack is not dying on the vine. Neither is it thriving. Its somewhere in between. Its good technology in the core, but some bad choices have been made lately. ( Ignoring @littleIdea’s advice is 99.9999999999999999999% of the times is wrong, they should not have done Ceilometer, Solum is ill advised as well ).  So, is it the beginning of the end for OpenStack? No. But, its definitely at cross roads.  When Alessandro of Gartner says it has issues, you need to stop and pay attention ( I had interacted with Alessandro in a prior role and had learned to respect his opinion – for those who don’t know, he was the man behind before his Gartner days – smart guy ).

So, what should OpenStack do? Three things:

1. Give up the idea you are fighting Amazon – you are not, at this point in time, you are like a baby learning to speak and wants to take on Sumo fighter – we get it you have ambition, but, lets be real, people generally laugh at you when you say you compete with AWS. Instead, figure out how you fit into the Cloud ecosystem, which includes AWS as one of the large entities. Do the AWS Interop that people have been arguing for. 

2. Focus, Focus, Focus – Cut the crap down – interview enterprises, find out what is missing, find out what is problematic – fix it. Go into a fix mode, aka Obama’s TechSurge.  Do it now and Q1 ’14.

3. Focus on Community – community is not only about career enhancing acts – its also about caring about the project itself – work on OpenStack core – figure out how to keep vendors at an arms length for next 6 months ( see pt #2 ).

If you do this, you got a chance. If not, Its going to be the ‘what it could have been’ forever. And trust me, failed projects does not enhance anyone’s career and not help companies bottom lines either. 

Ofcourse, you don’t have to listen to me, but I am that little guy cheering on you guys to succeed, so we have a good alternative to a single vendor IAAS. A world of monopoly is really bad for Innovation and I want to see you guys succeed. 


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