So you think you can compete with AWS?

Short post inspired by Peat infused Scotch….

Often we see different offerings come up and say they are going to compete and be better than AWS. They focus on lot of things, both right and wrong. I want to focus on just few criteria that every vendor who wants to compete with AWS should ask themselves:

1. Can a developer create a new instance using less than 5 clicks without their IT doing prep work?
2. Can an IT guy pick an additional service that is good enough or better and without having to scratch his head about pros and cons of various options?.
3. Can an organization scale their app without worrying about underlying hardware?
4. Can an organization get rid of the servers they don’t need and see immediate cost savings?
5. Can an IT guy buy services without ever talking to a sales man and just using their credit card?

If the answer is No to any of these, you don’t have an offering thats worthy of competing with AWS – please get real and don’t be comparing yourself to AWS. Instead pursue your own market and destiny.


2 thoughts on “So you think you can compete with AWS?

  1. I wonder how many people are allowed to keep their credit cards when the costs starts rolling in ?

    Works for some, not for others. ie. Public cloud is solution for some, private clouds is for most.

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