At 5,000 Tweets

Read about the Disaster in Philippines:

Donate here:

I want to tell you three things:

1. Who am I?

An average guy working in the software industry with a big ego. No body famous, not a luminary, just an average guy. I don’t work for any of the cloud vendors you may be familiar with.  Remember that guy in school who goes and writes stuff on the whiteboard before students and teachers arrive? Yup, I am that guy.

2. Why am I doing this?

Because I can :). Seriously, for fun, nothing more. No agendas. I started this as a fun habit, and also as a way to calm myself when I see stupidity or just plain bad marketing. Thats it. Nothing more. Try it, anonymity is a good stress relief.

3. Ok, what do I want you to do ?

If you liked my tweets or if you hated them, this is your time to act. We all live and breathe technology and as a result are somewhat blessed with good earnings. And I know most of you are awesome when it comes to donating to Charity.

May I ask you to do it one more time and donate to RedCross to aid with the Typhoon Haiyan Disaster? Please see here:

That’s it. Thanks guys.


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