Opinion: Four Premises we need discussion over beer.

Mah Opinion – as told to Kazhak Public Radio, translate to English by c-cloud Intern. Before you react and smash the beer bottle on your forehead, know that in a battle of opinions, burden of proof is on you to offer solid data to say why mah opinion is no good.

Premise 1: Only possible cloud in the future is operator driven public cloud.

Questionable.  Consider following:

1. Location of infrastructure and data matters more now than before NSA revelations.
2. Early evidence of price gouging by leading public cloud operators ( AWS reacting by offering reserved instances etc, but some “small” companies got burned saw through it and are leaving. We hear people talk in hushed tones that AWS may not represent such a great value).
3. There really isn’t a great operator competition – AWS is a leader by clear margin. Google is mostly engineers running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Microsoft viewing cloud as way to protect their Exchange, SharePoint and Office revenue streams.  No serious competition may emerge in next 5 years.

Premise 2: Private Cloud can not succeed


1. For next 10-15 years, private cloud is going to be the preferred model.
2. For well defined services, SaaS will be adopted – do not confuse that as public cloud adoption.

Premise 3: Any Private Cloud should be anchored to the leading public cloud to survive


1. Not enough compelling evidence that customers worry a lot about this. ( They want it, as our previous survey shows, but its not a show stopper ).

Premise 4: Cloud market is going to consolidate to few public cloud operators

True – but it will take 5-10 more years before that happens.


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