IT Trends Survey

Results so far – let your voice be known here:

( Will keep the survey running longer )

1. Are you happy with your IT?

Yes – 29%

No – 61.29%

2. Does your IT Embrace latest technologies

Yes – 29%

No – 64%

3. Do you think changing CIO title to something else will fix all the problems?

Yes – 29%

No – 64.5%

4. Do you think IT department will cease to exist in:

5 yrs – 12.9%

10 yrs – 10.9%

20 yrs – 6.45%

It will not go away – 64%


Majority do not think IT is doing a good job and is a laggard when it comes to technology, however most do not think IT department will get eliminated either.  IT may be on the path of becoming like HR department – a necessary evil that is universally hated. 

What do you think – add your comments.



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