Cloud Leaders

Ahoy!!! Happy International Pirate Day

So, Who be t’ Cloud leaders, based on t’ respondents t’ a survey? T’ followin’ emerge.

Is this list biased – you bet, it be – I added t’ ones that came t’ mind – its not based on any market data – what you think, I be a Gartner analyst, Pirate?

Platform –  Weighted Rank
AWS  – 5.59
OpenStack ( Extremely close to AWS ) – 5.45
CloudStack – 4.69
Eucalyptus – 3.48
Google App Engine – 3.41
OpenShift = 3.00
VMware + Savvis public cloud – 2.38

Then we asked question that most people will answer truthfully – if its your doubloons, where do you put it? Think like stock investin’, which we know, you get 90% o’ times wrong. Where would you invest your doubloons for 10 years? ( No OpenStack because thar isn’t a company t’ put doubloons into )

AWS – 64.29%
OpenShift – 14.29%
GAE – 7.14%
VMware + Savvis Public Cloud = 7.14%
CloudStack – 3.57%
Eucalyptus – 3.57%

Then I asked which platforms I did not include that may be important – t’ followin’ were mentioned.

SAP Hana

Someone did ask, if I omitted CloudFoundry on purpose – not really – I find it be one o’ t’ platforms I don’t know lot about yet and it doesn’t fit any Cloud buckets in mind. So, as me good bucko Al Ries says, it ain’t got no position in me mind.

me Opinion: RHAT may be onto somethin’ here – it has lot o’ work t’ do , but people think it can do well t’ give them own doubloons. CloudStack and Eucalyptus may need t’ have a serious internal discussion – people like them, but not enough t’ put their doubloons in them. VMware will continue t’ be relevant, but its goin’ t’ be also ran in t’ Cloud space – same with Google.


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