CloudFoundry has a VMware problem

It new survey time, we discovering truthful about a new thingy call CloudFoundry – we tricked expert people on twitter take survey. We now slice, dice, twist, mist the data and come some discovery:

[[Opinionator On]]

– This CF thingy not as well known as OpenStack in twitter village

– This thingy still feel niche playa, not for play in main fighting ground.

– twitter expert say they get tire of hot air and like see coders talk more

– It also seeming that it half-born from the parent  and because of it, it not talk effective with other platforms.

– Not even village magician know where CF stand on opensource – it confuse confuse confuse.

Those opinion of council is accept by world as truthful as iPhone 5S Gold standard. 

[[Opinionator Off]]

It unfortunate  that some people not just want opinion, but wanting hard cold data. Why? We think it due to disturb trend of everyone think of self as data scientist. No matter, we give data below:

1. 37%  use CF –  12.5%  currently considering it

2. 37.5 % say CF is committed to Open source

– 23.2% think they are not

– 37.5% think not even CF knows where it stands when it comes to Open source.

3. 66% say CF needing do more to support non VMware platforms.

Our chief data scientist wanting us apply a filter of “take data only from those using CF” and we presenting it.

1. 65% say CF is commit to Open source.

2. 50% say CF needing do more to support non VMware platforms

One More thing – since Tim Cook not do this no more, we pick it up:

55% of people say this survey is best thing since Slice Cloud – this meaning, we now known better than all reputed polling orgs.


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