Why AWS Kicks Other IAAS Vendor’s arse?

Here 5 reasons I can make up on the fly – this is an opinion which means you take it as gospel.
  1. They help devs avoid those IT idiots who are so clueless and useless
  2. It like crack – free to try and it a damn good experience too
  3. Their shit works – not inundated with data sheets or marketing bullshit
  4. They got new shit that other vendors still trying to grok
  5. They don’t tell you public cloud is bad and I really should buy this private cloud

Since you can’t take these points full of profanity, I ask my neighbor 5th grade kid to write this in better language – he offers this:

AWS demonstrates extreme focus on Public Cloud and has pursued a disruptive business model of pay per use that is by its very design is extremely unattractive to existing traditional IT vendors. Traditional IT vendors prefer licensing contracts lasting an year and do not have necessary mindset to deal with hourly pricing models. Nothing frustrates a traditional IT vendor more than being unable to predict future revenue, and going to pay per use model creates more uncertainty.

AWS also has managed to win developer mindshare, who are wary of creating help desk tickets, waiting for days for new servers from traditional IT. AWS makes it easy for developers to get started using the same account they already use at Amazon.com and it often costs less than cost of a good latte to try it. Ā Developers also like that AWS marketing is rather limited and most of the content on the site is documentation.

AWS has serious minds at work innovating and they seem to be innovating faster than other IT vendors as they do not have baggage of older systems or debates on avoiding cannibalization of existing business. Finally, AWS is all-in into public cloud and are not trying to hedge their bets between on-premises and Cloud solutions – this allows them to have extreme focus.


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