OpenStack – AWS – Friends or Foes?

Much debate on should OpenStack support AWS APIs.  Lot of emotions – lot of arguments – at some point it got hotter than annual chicken fight at a Kazhak village.

The commissioner of Cloud, Azamat had ask me to find truth of what people who use OpenStack feel about this. I commission a survey on internet – like most  surveys, the response was lame – we got 100 responses.


Total responses: 100

Filtered to select only responses where they currently use OpenStack ( 26 out of 100)

  • 60% of the OpenStack respondents like Unicorns over Rainbows.
  • 50% of the OpenStack respondents also use AWS
  • All the respondents that use OpenStack and AWS, plan to continue mixing them
  • 23% of OpenStack respondents would like to see interoperability between OpenStack and AWS
  • 15 % of OpenStack respondents would abandon using OpenStack if interoperability does not exist between OpenStack and AWS.

Interpretation ( aka The Truth and absolute Truth )

  1. AWS is  important for OpenStack ecosystem
  2. Treating AWS as a competitor is foolish, your customers don’t share that view.
  3. Not having AWS interop right away is not going to severely impact OpenStack adoption – you have time to deliberate on this
  4. OpenStack’s biggest challenge right now is increasing adoption rate.  Competing with AWS is not going to do much for you.

Unfiltered Comments:

“Come on, make it easy to get from AWS to OpenStack. And vice versa; then plan to win on TCO/ROI & features.”

“who cares about apis. Simple abstraction libraries make that pretty much a non-issue.”

“Why would this matter? Shouldn’t the argument be about which library does (or will eventually do) the best job at abstracting both APIs? I’m curious to see how many IaaS _consumers_ actually give a damn about this debate.”

“goats rulz”

We hope you found this totally useless and helped fuel the flame.

Frequently asked questions:

Q1: Is Cloud Borat doing this survey for his personal gain?

A1: Yes, absolutely. Cloud Borat expects this survey to firmly establish him as the most thoughtful thought leader in the Cloud space. Also expect an invite from OpenStack foundation to join them as a member. Also, expecting an invitation from AWS to join their advisory board. But, these are minor gains, when compare to what Cloud Borat really wanting – he wanting to be next CEO of Microsoft and think this survey differentiate him well from others in running. He can be heard saying “Satya got nothing on me – he not know truth about OpenStack – AWS”. He also hopes this survey will make him strongest contender to lead the presidential council on Cloud computing.


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