Cloud FAQ

Q1. Is Cloud Computing Real?

A: Yes.

Q2: Should I use Cloud ?

A: Yes

Q3: Should we use Private Cloud or Public Cloud?

A: Public Cloud

Q4: Why?

A: Because there is no such thing as Private Cloud – its a marketing created vaporware.

Q5: What about Hybrid Cloud?

A: Hybrid Cloud consisting of two public clouds is fine.

Q6: Should I pre-pay for Cloud services?

A: No

Q7: Why not?

A: Because there will be a much better option 3 months down the line

Q8: What are your thoughts on Engineered Cloud?

A: It is a great deal if you can get it cheap to heat the camel shack in Winter.

Q9: What is Software Defined X?

A: It means X.  “Software Defined” is just a space filler.

For ex:

Software Defined Data Center = Data Center

Software Defined Networking = Networking

Software Defined Hardware = Hardware

Q10: Whats all this Platform as a Service I keep hearing about?

A: Oh, it basically additional functionality on top of virtualization – call it Virtualization++

Q11: I read a report that said Gartner says Cloud not ready for enterprise – is it true?

A: Two things:

– That article, like all good press article had a provocative title – you know that titles of press articles are meaningless.

–  Gartner is just now accepting that typewriters can be fit for enterprise use – give them 50 more years, they will say Cloud will work for enterprise use.

Got more questions? tweet them to me at @cloud_borat, and I will add to it.


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