Cloud FAQ

Q1. Is Cloud Computing Real?

A: Yes.

Q2: Should I use Cloud ?

A: Yes

Q3: Should we use Private Cloud or Public Cloud?

A: Public Cloud

Q4: Why?

A: Because there is no such thing as Private Cloud – its a marketing created vaporware.

Q5: What about Hybrid Cloud?

A: Hybrid Cloud consisting of two public clouds is fine.

Q6: Should I pre-pay for Cloud services?

A: No

Q7: Why not?

A: Because there will be a much better option 3 months down the line

Q8: What are your thoughts on Engineered Cloud?

A: It is a great deal if you can get it cheap to heat the camel shack in Winter.

Q9: What is Software Defined X?

A: It means X. ¬†“Software Defined” is just a space filler.

For ex:

Software Defined Data Center = Data Center

Software Defined Networking = Networking

Software Defined Hardware = Hardware

Q10: Whats all this Platform as a Service I keep hearing about?

A: Oh, it basically additional functionality on top of virtualization – call it Virtualization++

Q11: I read a report that said Gartner says Cloud not ready for enterprise – is it true?

A: Two things:

– That article, like all good press article had a provocative title – you know that titles of press articles are meaningless.

Р Gartner is just now accepting that typewriters can be fit for enterprise use Рgive them 50 more years, they will say Cloud will work for enterprise use.

Got more questions? tweet them to me at @cloud_borat, and I will add to it.